Headshots by David Weininger









Women In Jeopardy, GEVA Theatre/Cape Playhouse. March/July 2015.

With Jen Cody

With Jen Cody.  Photo by Ken Huth.


With Liam Craig

With Liam Craig. Photo by Ken Huth.

Body Awareness, Gulfshore Playhouse, Naples.  November 2014.


With Michael Pantozzi

Provenance, B Street Theatre, Sacramento, CA.  July/August 2014


With Brittni Barger

The Game’s Afoot, Gulfshore Playhouse, Naples, FL.  March 2014

Other Desert Cities, TheatreWorks, Mountainview, CA. August/Sept 2013

Abigail’s Party, SF Playhouse, San Francisco, CA.  June/July 2013

Our Practical Heaven, Aurora Theatre, Berkeley, CA. Jan/Feb 2013

Circle Mirror Transformations, Marin Theatre, Marin, CA. Aug/Sept 2012

Relatively Speaking, Brooks Atkinson, NYC, NY Nov-Feb 2012

The Lily’s Revenge, Magic Theatre, San Francisco. May 2011

Julia Brothers, Rowena Richie, Joe Estlack, Erin Mei-Ling Stuart. Photo by Pak Han.

Photo by Dori Jacob.

Seagull, Marin Theatre Company, Mill Valley, CA. February 2011

Howard Swain, Julia Brothers. Photo by David Allen.

Superior Donuts, TheatreWorks, Palo Alto, CA.  October, 2010

Julia Brothers, Howard Swain. Photo by Tracy Martin Photography.

Show and Tell, Symmetry Theatre Company, San Francisco.  August, 2010

Julia Brothers as Sharon. Photo by Jay Yamada.

Jessica Powell, Julia Brothers as Erin. Photo by Jay Yamada.

The First Grade, Aurora Theatre, Berkeley, CA.  February, 2010

Warren David Keith, Julia Brothers. Photo by David Allen.

Julia Brothers, Rebecca Tico Schweitzer. Photo by David Allen.

George Is Dead.  Arizona Theatre Company.  September – November 2009.

Marlo Thomas, Julia Brothers. Photo by Tim Fuller, Arizona Theatre Company.

Julia Brothers. Photo by Tim Fuller, Arizona Theatre Company.

Magic Forest Farm, Marin Theatre Company, Mill Vally, CA.  2009.

David Cramer, Julia Brothers. Photo by Ed Smith.

Wit, B Street Theatre, Sacramento, CA February, 2009.

Juia Brothers. Photo by Bruce Brown.

Evie’s Waltz, Magic Theatre, San Francisco.  November/December 2008.

Marielle Heller, Darren Bridget, Julia Brothers. Photo by David Allen.

A Room Of One’s Own, Liberty Free Theatre, Liberty, NY.  June 2008.

Roger is Dead, George Street Playhouse, New Brunswick, NJ. April/May 2008.

Found Objects, Marin Theatre Company, Mill Valley, CA.  October 2007.

Love Song, Marin Theatre Company, Mill Valley, CA September, 2007.

Julia Brothers, Steve Irish. Photo by Ed Smith.

Julia Brothers, Darren Bridgett. Photo by Ed Smith.

Theophilus North, TheatreWorks, Palo Alto, CA.  August, 2007.

Mark Anderson Phillips, Patrick Sieler, Julia Brothers. Photo by David Allen.

The Subject Tonight Is Love.  Marin Theatre Company, Mill Valley, CA.  June 2007.

Julia Brothers, Wanda McCadden. Photo by Ed Miller.

‘Bot.  Magic Theatre, San Francisco.  April, 2007.

Julia Brothers. Photo by David Allen.

Ambition Facing West.  TheatreWorks, Palo Alto, CA.  January/February 2007.

Dan Hiatt, Julia Brothers.

Moving Right Along.  Magic Theatre, San Francisco.  October/November 2006.

Julia Brothers, Marlo Thomas.

Salome.  Aurora Theatre, Berkeley, CA.  September/October 2006.

Ron Campbell, Miranda Calderon, Julia Brothers. Photo by David Allen.

Ron Campbell, Julia Brothers. Photo by Davdi Allen.









The Long Christmas Ride Home.  Magic Theatre, San Francisco. May/June 2006.

The Hopper Collection.  Magic Theatre, San Francisco. November/December 2005.

Zac Jaffee, Julia Brothers. Photo courtesy of David Perry & Associates.

Andy Murray, Julia Brothers. Photo courtesy of David Perry & Associates.

Much Ado About Nothing. San Francisco Shakespeare Festival. July – September 2005.

Marvin Green, Julia Brothers. Photo by Christina Koci Harnandez.

Best Of Playground.  San Francisco, CA.  May 2005.

Dion Graham, Julia Brothers, Craig Marker in “Mushroom Boy.”

Guantanamo: Honor Bound To Defend Freedom.  Brava Theatre, San Francisco. April 2005.

Julia Brothers as Gareth Pearce.

Steven Crossley, Ramiz Monsef, Yussef Kamal, Julia Brothers.

Fortune.  Marin Theatre Company, Mill Valley, CA.  January/February 2005.

Julia Brothers, Darren Birdgett.

Life x 3.  Marin Theatre Company, Mill Valley, CA.  November/December 2004.

Dan Hiatt, Julia Brothers, Warren David Keith, Delia MacDougal.

Julia Brothers as Ines.

While We Were Bowling.  B Street Theatre, Sacramento, CA. August 2004.

Triptych.  Magic Theatre, San Francsico. November 2003 – January 2004.

Nickel And Dimed. TheatreWorks, Palo Alto, CA and Brava Theatre, San Francisco. August – November 2003.

House Of Blue Leaves.  Sierra Repertory Theatre.  May 2003.

Todd Tressler, Julia Brothers. Photo by Rich Miller.

Medea.  Pacific Repertory Theatre.  February 2003.

Off The Map.  B Street Theatre, Sacramento, CA.  September/October 2002.

Rebecca Clouse, Julia Brothers.

Be Aggressive.  TheatreWorks, Palo Alto, CA.  August 2002.

Julia Brothers, Jackson Davis.

Beauty Queen of Leenane.  B Street Theatre.  April/May 2002.

Julia Brothers, Wanda McCadden, Allen McKelvey. Photo by Jayson Carpenter.

Beauty Queen of Leenane.  San Jose Stage.  February 2002.

Linda Hoy, Julia Brothers, Randall King. Photo by Dave LePori.

Linda Hoy, Julia Brothers. Photo by Dave LePori.

Educating Rita.  Sacramento Theatre Company.  October 2001.

Julia Brothers, Anthony De Fonte.

Wit.  San Jose Stage.  August 2001.

Merri Ann Osborne, Julia Brothers. Photo by Dave LePori.

Drinking Alone.  B Street Theatre.  July 2001.

Women Who Steal.  B Street Theatre.  May/June 2001.

Judy Jean Burns, Julia Brothers.

Beneath The Moon, Beyond The Stars.  B Street Theatre, Sacramento, CA. March/April 2001.

Wit.  San Jose Sage.  January/February 2001.

Photo by Dave LePori.

Photo by Dave LePori.